Text to audio.
With one click.

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Want to convert text to audio, in any language,
and share it as a file? Look no further.

This is the only tool you'll ever need.


What you'll love


Just enter or copy-paste your text and you are ready to go. Automatic spoken-word tracking included so that you know... where you are!


All the languages that your Mac support are automatically supported by SpeakMe. Plus, you can also tweak the speech speed!


Want to export to audio? No problem. Now, you can not only listen to the text, but take it with you. Or share it. Why not?


In 3 simple steps

  • 1

    Enter your text

    Either type it in, or copy-paste your favorite book. Anything works!

  • 2

    Click Play

    And listen to your favorite book. Remember than you also change the speed, or the accent, to suit your tastes!

  • 3

    Export to audio file

    Want to export the result to an audio file? That can be done too! Just click the small Export icon at the top right of SpeakMe!

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Works on macOS 10.13+.
Perfectly compatible with Ventura.

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